Aniko's Senior Session | Joyner Park in Wake Forest

Back in the day, I was a special education teacher. Wow, that felt crazy to say that... only because I JUST quit my teaching job ummmmm, 2 weeks ago! Which means that technically... I'm still a sped teacher until April 13th. YAY FOR FULL TIME PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!

Anywho, the real reason I bring this up is because I used to teach Occupational Course of Study classes at Heritage High, here in Wake Forest, for the first 4 years of its' existence. I loved my students, I loved my fellow teachers, and I especially loved the people I worked so closely with. One of those peeps just happens to have a daughter who is graduating high school this year!!! HOLY MOLY. So he sent me a message asking if I could do senior pictures of his daughter, Aniko. And of course I said YES! This family is a hoot, I'm telling you. I was so excited to be a part of their family again, just for a little bit. 

We met up at Joyner Park last Friday, a popular spot here in the Wake Forest area but surprisingly it was pretty empty. We hung out at the bridge, the Pecan Grove, the garden, the old buildings, and of course, Mom's favorite, the stone wall. We had Hazel the pup to hang out with and all the while we just laughed. At the end of the session, I had Aniko's Mom say a prayer for her while she goes off into this next phase of her life... and of course, I snapped away!

 Today is the day that students find out their acceptance into Duke, so I thought... what better day then today to share her pictures!

Aniko... good luck in whatever you decide is right for you! Your determination, spirit, persistence, and sense of humor will get you super far in life. There are no boundaries for you, only limits to break and glass ceilings to crush. Good luck my friend!!!