Max's Patriotic Bar Mitzvah | Raleigh Mitzvah Photography

I love Mitzvahs.

Now, call me crazy, but who doesn't love a giant party? But not just any giant party... a giant party celebrating a young teen's coming of age. It's celebrating all of their hard work and dedication to the Jewish faith, where they have learned, studied, and practiced Jewish law, tradition, and ethics, and studied Hebrew for HOURS to get things just right. Lots of work and lots of accomplishments, all leading to one day, the day when they become a bar mitzvah. It is most definitely something to proud of and definitely something that I am learning more and more about. Three words for you... LOVE. PEACE. FAITH. Oh, and family. I guess that's four words.

Max's Bar Mitzvah celebration was absolutely perfect! There was food, there was a candle lighting ceremony, there was dancing and dessert and pictures and hats and socks with stars and stripes on them... it was a blast. Max is a lucky guy. He has an adoring family, a fabulous group of "Jewper Heroes", and so many friends that came out to support and celebrate him.  Me? I'm just excited I was invited to tag along!

Mazel Tov Max, to you and your wonderful family! I  hope to see you all again very VERY soon!

Other Vendors:

Ceremony at Temple Beth Or

Venue and Catering: Embassy Suites at Briar Creek

DJ: Jerry Reid with Catalog Entertainment

Photobooth: ZimZoom Photobooth

Balloon Designs: Theresa Seethaler with Balloon Design Decorating