The Dale Family at the Arboretum in Downtown Raleigh

I met Rachel, Tim, and Baby Laurel last August when we did family photos together out in Wake Forest. Laurel was suuuuper little at the time. Super little, a tiny bit chubby, and full of smiles! We were thick as thieves, her and I... well, after the first 5 minutes when I made her cry from my excitement. She got used to my silliness and we had a blast! You can see their last summer session here

Anywho, when Rachel contacted me again to set up some family photos for Laurel's first birthday, I thought... how in the WORLD can she be one already???!! I was super excited to see how big she had gotten... and then it "snowed". Well, more like got super ridiculously cold and flurries flew for an hour on the morning of our session together. Not cool, Mother Nature. So we had to postpone for a couple of weeks. But, the morning we met up at the Rulston Arboretum in downtown Raleigh over by NC State... it was GORGEOUS! Mother Nature made up for it and then some. It was warm, sunny, beautiful blue skies, and flowers had started to bloom. And Laurel was happy. So happy!!! And BIG compared to the last time I had seen her!!! She was her super cute self, red hair, smiles and all, and it was amazing to see her and her sweet parents yet again.

Happy first birthday baby girl, you are sooooo loved!!!