Peter and Kelley's Backyard Wedding | Raleigh, NC Wedding Photography


Picture this...

Little ol' me, all the way in Raleigh, North Carolina, gets a message from an ultra awesome couple living all the way in California. 

"We really like your photography and want to meet with you while we're there getting ready for our wedding in April". 

Wait, what?? ME??!!??

I was super excited to meet them before Christmas and talk about their North Carolina wedding. I was even MORE excited when they were super excited to meet with ME! Eeeeek!

Fast track to April 22, 2017... a beautiful backyard wedding in Sims, North Carolina. There were water views, bocce games, cornhole competitions, and beers a plenty. Dancing under the stars, BBQ to be had, snuggly blankets for all, and the best tunes possible, including a serenade near the end of the night. There were hugs, tears, toasts, and mallows. And by the end of the night, I felt like a guest with all the fun we were having!

Seriously... I could not love these two any more. I could not love their friends and family any more! This group knows how to have a good time. And Kelley and Peter's happiness is infectious. Their love for each other is so obvious and real. They have what I can only call a "movie love"... something that everyone strives their whole life trying to find. These two beautiful souls belong together, and I was BEYOND ecstatic to capture their day for them! 

Kelley and Peter... congrats my friends!!! Thank you THANK YOU for letting me get to be a part of your day!!! I couldn't have asked for a better way to kick off my wedding season this year! I'll let you know next time I'm in Cali!