A Celebration Session | Bluffton and Raleigh Portrait Photographer

Meet Maggie. A whole lot of awesomeness wrapped up into a package of joy and laughter! I met Maggie because she was gifted one of my sessions, and I could not have been more excited! Not only had Maggie graduated from college, but Maggie had also "graduated" from chemo. She got to ring the bell and everything!!! 

Bluffton South Carolina is an absolutely beautiful spot, and when I get to take pictures there I get all giddy and excited. So then you add Maggie to that mix, and I was just... well, I was doing a happy dance all the way up and down Calhoun Street! This was also the first session my husband got to witness, and he was such a southern gentleman and held our bags the whole time (Insert "awwwwwww" here).

Y'all. Maggie's laughter is infectious. Her spirit is so bright. She is dedicated, hard-working, fun-loving, and smile happy. I enjoyed my time with her immensely! And guess what... you can, too! Maggie will be coming to a flight near you someday down the road as a flight attendant, and you would be SO LUCKY to be aboard one of her flights! Congratulations Maggie, you deserve all the best!