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Sarah and Chad's Wedding at The Bradford | Raleigh Wedding Photography

Sarah and Chad's wedding this past weekend was, as stated before, EPIC. So absolutely gorgeous, so filled with love, and lemme tell you... I had an absolute BLAST!

The Bradford was such an elegant location, and I was super psyched to get to shoot there! All the girls were upstairs in a giant room together getting ready...

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Jessica & Conor's Wedding at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh, NC | Raleigh Wedding Photography

I love wedding days!!!

I had met Jessica back over the winter, where we met for warm beverages and talked about how amazing her wedding day was going to be. Flash forward to last weekend, June 17th, when it was hot, muggy, and full of summertime thunderstorms and rain for good luck!

You guys. This wedding was an absolute blast...

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