Gavin and Madison | Wake Forest Family Photography

The Art of the Cake Smash

Before we start, let me just say... I love cake smash sessions. Each one is totally different, and I love LOVE LOVE them! Some parents are health conscious and make their cake out of all fruits and veggies with no sugar. Some parents get their cake professionally made with loads of colors and frosting! I've had cake smashes at home, cake smashes in the park, and some cake smashes by a waterfall...

A Family Session at Grounds Cafe | Wendell Family Photography

I met Kathy a few months back when I did an amazing shoot at a place here in Raleigh called The Whiskey Kitchen. It was for a group of fabulously talented women called Chicks in Construction (you can find out all about them here!), and I pretty much got to hang out and take their picture while they had a monthly meeting. With drinks. And dinner. And lots and lots of laughter.

Flash forward to just recently...

Jessica & Conor's Wedding at All Saints Chapel in Raleigh, NC | Raleigh Wedding Photography

I love wedding days!!!

I had met Jessica back over the winter, where we met for warm beverages and talked about how amazing her wedding day was going to be. Flash forward to last weekend, June 17th, when it was hot, muggy, and full of summertime thunderstorms and rain for good luck!

You guys. This wedding was an absolute blast...

Shani's Bat Mitzvah | Raleigh Mitzvah Photography

Well... my last Mitzvah for a couple of months has come and gone. Which... can I be honest? I am BUMMED about! I have learned so much from this amazing Temple Beth Or family. Not just about the Jewish faith, but life in general. For example:

1. When doing the Wobble, the higher you jump... the better.

2. Beach balls are NOT just for the beach.

3. 'Sweet Caroline'.......